Beery Bin for hire!

Have you held a party and ordered a cask of beer only for it not to settle before your party starts?

At Speyside Brewery we have the answer in the shape of our Beery Bin. This unique yellow machine is available to hire all year long, for summer BBQs or winter parties.  It arrives ready to go with our brewer, who will show you how to use it and then you’re ready to go.  The beer is also chilled in the

Seb with Beery Bin

bin so you don’t need any extra equipment.

The Beery Bin is available with a wide selection of our beers to choose from too:

  • Bottlenose Amber
  • Bow Fiddle Blonde
  • Dark Sky Stout
  • Tropical Forres New England Ale
  • Moray IPA
  • Randolph’s Leap Lager

You’ll be sure to find one that you and your guests will enjoy.

We developed the Beery Bin in-house so that it works perfectly with a Speyside Brewery beer. This means you can be sure it is served at the right temperature and the Beery Bin is set up exactly where you need it.

Contact us today for more information and book it for your next event.  Please note that Gerry who developed our Beery Bin will come and set it up for you, so we are currently only offering hires within 40 miles of Forres.

Beery Bin Speyside Brewery

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