Beery Bin

Beery Bin

Our local newspaper’s cartoonist, Orla Beel, took a fancy to our Beery Bin as a subject for one of his weekly cartoons

Story of Beery Bin

The Beery Bin was launched in 2015.  The idea came from discussions about how to get our beers to be served at the same temperature and quality as those served from a pub – but portable so that we could offer this for events and special occasions.  It is the brainchild of Gerry Wells, our indispensable maintenance technician and his son, Louis, who spent many an hour perfecting the design and building it.

The beer is dispensed from the Beery Bin from our 30-litre kegs and all the workings are contained within the Beery Bin.  The Beery Bin will dispense around 52 pints, so ideal for those larger gatherings!

By hiring our Beery Bin, you can serve ice cold Randolph’s Leap Lager or any of our other beers in your garden, in a marquee for weddings/events or other venues for special occasions.

You can choose which keg you want from a great selection of beer:

  • Bottlenose Amber 4.1{829cace9d04398657aa51408d8924f3e0c7265b30be0b65c388c2897d3a909fc}
  • Bow Fiddle Blonde 3.8{829cace9d04398657aa51408d8924f3e0c7265b30be0b65c388c2897d3a909fc}
  • Dark Sky Stout 4.0{829cace9d04398657aa51408d8924f3e0c7265b30be0b65c388c2897d3a909fc}
  • Findhorn Killer IPA 5.6{829cace9d04398657aa51408d8924f3e0c7265b30be0b65c388c2897d3a909fc}
  • Moray IPA 5.5{829cace9d04398657aa51408d8924f3e0c7265b30be0b65c388c2897d3a909fc}
  • Randolph’s Leap Lager 4.9{829cace9d04398657aa51408d8924f3e0c7265b30be0b65c388c2897d3a909fc}

If you would like more information or are interested in hiring the Beery Bin then please contact the brewery on 01309 358 082 or alternatively email us at