Why do I need a Glass Beer Growler?

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We’ve launched our Glass Beer Growlers to allow you to enjoy our craft beer in a more sustainable way.   A beer growler is defined as a container used to transport beer.  It is an air-tight glass container that is used to transport draft beer without the quality deteriorating. How does it work? With your first purchase of the Beer Growler this includes a deposit on the Growler and we will

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What to expect at Pitch Perfect Music and Beer Festival

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Pitch Perfect Music and Beer Festival is being jointly hosted by Forres Mechanics FC and Speyside Craft Brewery. With Glastonbury having a fallow year our festival should be on your festival list for 2018.  It will be held on Saturday 15thSeptember from 12 noon until 11pm, and it will be a festival of two halves. First half 12noon – 5pm at Mosset Park Football Stadium the DJ will play a

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Time for strawberries and cream?

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Not here, we’re not sure that they really go with a cool craft beer! We know that for the week or so it’ll be all about the tennis on top of the final matches in the World Cup in Russia, so if you’re not into tennis and football you’ll need to be looking for something else to do.  Thankfully the weather looks like it’s going to remain warm and dry

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We’re off to Piping at Forres

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Not long to go until Piping at Forres on the 30thJune.  The European Pipe Band Championships have been held in Forres for the last five years and this is the final year it will be held here.  We’re looking forward to making this one to remember! We’ll be there with a selection of draft beers from Speyside Brewery, including Bow Fiddle Blonde, Tropical Forres New England IPA and Randolph’s Leap

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Beery Bin for hire!

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Have you held a party and ordered a cask of beer only for it not to settle before your party starts? At Speyside Brewery we have the answer in the shape of our Beery Bin. This unique yellow machine is available to hire all year long, for summer BBQs or winter parties.  It arrives ready to go with our brewer, who will show you how to use it and then

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It’s World Cup Russia 2018!

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It’s going to be hard to escape the wall-to-wall coverage of football over the next month, so you either embrace it and get into the spirit of world class football, or just don’t turn on the TV or radio and stay away from all social media. Football fever is about to descend! Whatever you choose you’ll enjoy it more with a Speyside Brewery beer to hand. We’d love to hear

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World Oceans Day 8th June

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Every 8thJune we take a moment to think about our oceans and the effect we’re having on them. At Speyside Brewery, we’re doing our bit to help our oceans by teaming up with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), based at the Scottish Dolphin Centre in Spey Bay, here in Moray. Through the sales of our Bottle Nose Amber beer we donate 5p per litre sold to WDC to support the

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Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is Sunday 17thJune 2018, so put it in your diary now! Maybe not as celebrated as Mother’s Day yet, Fathers are just as important in shaping our lives, so why not treat him too. We’ve got some unique gifts for your dad this year, from our newly launched re-fillable growler to our premium ScotcHop Whisky Cask beer. It’ll be a gift that you can’t buy on the high

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