ScotcHop IPA

A collaboration between us and one of the largest independent distilleries in Scotland resulted in a scientific process and recipe that turns whisky-cask ageing of beer on its head. Our specially-designed IPA has matured in whisky casks to impart its resinous hop flavour into the wood, with the casks then used to create a unique IPA whisky. Together we created a perfect marriage for both the whisky and our ScotcHop IPA.

And like all good marriages, it has been a story of give and take.  Don’t rush it. We didn’t.

ScotcHop IPA (Alc 8.5% vol) has a pine citrus aroma that is reminiscent of whisky casks sleeping in their warehouse.  The initial taste is quite a floral experience with the flavour of the wood to follow.  The balance of tastes achieved results in a clean and crisp beer.