It’s World Cup Russia 2018!

It’s going to be hard to escape the wall-to-wall coverage of football over the next month, so you either embrace it and get into the spirit of world class football, or just don’t turn on the TV or radio and stay away from all social media. Football fever is about to descend!

Whatever you choose you’ll enjoy it more with a Speyside Brewery beer to hand.

We’d love to hear how you’ll be spending the next month.  Will it be football all the way with a wall planner and taking part in the office sweep stake, or will you be off out enjoying the long summer days and avoiding the World Cup fever at all costs?

We’re open all month for brewery tours if you need to get away from the TV, or you can come before a game and pick up a few bottles of our Bottle Nose Amber or Scotch Hop Whisky Cask Beer to enjoy during the match.

We’re open 10am-5pm Monday to Friday.  Just click here for directions.

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