The Speyside Team

Seb Jones - Managing Director

Seb’s been the driving force behind the brewery since he founded it in 2012. The former chemistry student turned his passion for home-brewing into a full-time labour of love, ending a ten-year brewery hiatus for Speyside.

Carlo Restagno - Brewer

Bringing a little bit of the Mediterranean to the brewery is our head brewer, Carlo Restagno. Born in Italy, his passion for brewing grew from producing cider and liqueurs to local traditional recipes. He successfully produced a variety of beers which were well received, prompting him to formally study brewing and develop his passion into a profession.

Carlo moved to Scotland to work with the team at Speyside Brewery in 2017.

Gerry Wells

Or “Ger” to everyone – is our indispensable maintenance technician. Capable of fixing just about anything, he designed and built the Beery Bin along with his son Louis.

Alice Sutherland

Our office manager. She’s the one that keeps everyone on point and makes sure all our customers get their orders.