When Speyside Craft Brewery opened in November 2012 it was just Seb, some new equipment and all of the hours to keep production going. Since then we’ve been joined by Arthur, Adam, Alice, Gerry and Stuart, our beers have been enjoyed by thousands across the UK and we’ve even had time to hold some awesome beer festivals. We like to share the fun!  

We’re pretty proud of our range of beers, from the aromatic Bow Fiddle Blonde to the spicy Findhorn Killer and the brooding Dark Sky stout, and reckon there’s a beer in our list to suit most palates. Our head brewer, Adam, also keeps coming up with some pretty special one-offs that get snapped up by the best of our local pubs.

Speyside Craft Brewery is open during the week so if you’re passing just follow the signs on the A96 and pop in, we’ve got a shop and love getting visitors.

Meet the team


Seb- MD

Head Brewer

Trevor- Head Brewer

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Arthur- Technician

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Office Manager

Alice- Office Manager

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Gerry- Technician

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Sales Manager

Stuart- Sales Manager

Wendy- Brand Ambassador

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