Our Story

Our Story

Recently Speyside Brewery has collaborated with the largest independent distillery in Speyside to produce an IPA whisky, the first of its kind in the world. From this collaboration, a remarkable whisky cask beer – ScotcHop IPA – has evolved and is now available from the brewery shop. We welcome you to our awesome brewery where you can see where the magic happens.  Or you can call 01309 358 082 for more information or if you would like to place an order.


Time for a new look. A successful rebrand and change in the bottle size for our beers: 330ml instead of the original 500ml.  Our ScotcHop premium beer, produced as a result of the IPA-influenced whisky, launched (it’s delicious).


IPA-influenced Speyside whisky launched in New York, Taiwan and major European cities. Brewery makes a major investment in larger (20bl) equipment to meet demand.

A new beer, Tropical Forres (New England IPA) produced for casks and kegs.


Collaboration with the largest independent distillery in Speyside starts, with the shared ambition to create and brew an IPA that reacts with the cellulose in the emptied whisky casks. This chemical reaction naturally enhances the Speyside malt whisky that’s poured back in and creates the experimental IPA whisky.   Working over many months with the distillery’s master blender to match the flavour profiles of both drinks, three trials were completed, Brew 1, Brew 2 and Brew 3.  After 18 months of testing to get the right length of maturation time in the casks for the beer and whisky, Brew 2 was selected to be the flavours that would most enhance the whisky.

This was a major R&D project and was the first time that such a collaboration has produced an IPA-influenced whisky which is now in demand around the world.


Dark Sky Stout introduced to core range, named after the awesome night skies in Moray that are light pollution-free.

We also held the first of many successful beer festivals on-site, featuring music and local food producers. It was fun!


More beers are added to the core range, and the team grows to include a head brewer, office and sales staff.

Announced sponsorship of WDC – so glad to support this work to conserve the habitat of cetaceans in the Moray Firth and beyond.

I am the beery walrus

Awards marketing, beer and, apparently, ‘Shining Star’ of 2013 in the Highlands and Islands Food and Drink Awards!


After studying chemistry at Aberdeen University, Seb Jones returned home to Moray Speyside to consider his future – one that didn’t include the traditional oil and gas route for chemistry graduates. A keen – if sporadic – home brewer, he created a beer for guests at his mother’s 60th birthday party.

The brew impressed someone at the event so much that he suggested he should start a brewery. At that point, a light went on in his head and Seb spent the next 18 months fundraising, planning, researching and training. The Speyside Craft Brewery opened for business in November 2012 with three core range beers, the first commercial brewery in Moray for a decade. The beers are named after local places and icons that have featured in Seb’s childhood in the area. The purity of the Speyside water means no additives are required, allowing the full flavours of the ingredients to shine through in our beers.

The early days were single-handed, 24/7 brewing, selling, planning and marketing. Since then it has gone from strength to strength and the Speyside Craft Brewery is now an award-winning craft brewery.