Trade Enquiries

Trade Enquiries

Core Range Beers

Alc 4.1% vol

Alc 3.8% vol

Alc 4.9% vol

Alc 5.5% vol

Alc 4.9% vol

Alc 4.9% vol

Alc 8.5% vol

As well as our core range we brew seasonal beers, such as Duke Nitro and the Dava Way Elderflower Pale Ale. These are generally short-run, one-offs and are subject to availability.

Direct from the brewery

We deliver our beers in casks, kegs and 330ml bottles direct from the brewery to Moray, the Scottish Highlands and Aberdeen areas.

To check whether we can deliver to your area, call the brewery on 01309 358 082 or email

Some distributors deliver our beer to other parts of Scotland and the UK.

Order Casks & KegsAnywhere In The UK

Our delivery partners, EeBria, can deliver casks and kegs to all parts of the UK

If you are a distributor that would like to list our beers, please get in touch to discuss how we can get our beer to you.

For more information, call the brewery on 01309 358 082
or email